History Research Paper Topic Ideas & Writing Tips

Writing a history research paper can be straightforward if you start well, starting from choosing a topic. If you’re looking at the writing process as a whole, you might get intimidated by the bulkiness of the task. However, if you take it one step at a time, you’ll reach the end in no time – a history research paper completed. The more history papers you write, the closer you are to being a real historian as you dig deep into the past.

Helpful tips for History research paper writing

Having a good overview of your history research paper format before you start writing is the ideal thing to do. The paper format guides you in your writing and determines how you’ll accomplish your writing. Once you’re clear on the structure, you can start writing using the following writing tips:

  • Take the process of choosing a topic seriously because it will dictate your grade on the paper.
  • It is impossible to write everything about a specific topic because history is broad; instead, narrow down your objective. That means understanding the instructions very well and identifying the main requirements; narrowing down your goals helps you avoid generalizations.
  • Research deep and wide; consult as many resources as possible to extract the right information about your topic.
  • Create a history research paper outline that’ll guide you in organizing your ideas in the paper. Brainstorm in-depth on your points to plan how you’ll align the points in your research paper outline history.

What characterizes good topics for History research paper?

Before choosing a topic for your history paper, you should first learn what makes a good topic. Here are some pieces of advice for choosing a good topic for a history research paper:

  • The history paper topic you choose should correspond with the goal of your research and the required format.
  • The topic should be specific and research one subject so you can write concisely about it. The topic should be engaging and should stir the desire of readers’ desire to read the paper.
  • Your topic should be coherent and logical to avoid any inconsistencies in the paper.
  • There are several underappreciated aspects of history; you can choose a topic in any of those aspects. There’s nothing wrong with choosing an unusual history paper topic, provided you can justify your choice.

History research paper topic ideas

History is a broad subject, so lack of topics isn’t the problem; knowing how or what to choose is. We’ve provided writing tips for your research paper and how to select a topic. However, if you’re still stuck and find it hard to come up with a good topic, here are some ideas.

American History research paper topics

  1. Black Panther ideology
  2. The effects of tenements on America
  3. Women in the Great Depression: what roles did they play?
  4. Who profited from the Stock Market Crash in 1929?
  5. How did Michael Collins contribute to space exploration?
  6. Did the US benefit from the Bracero Program: how?
  7. The Roaring Twenties: ideology and characteristic
  8. Was Wilmot Proviso controversial: why?

Art History research paper example

  1. The directions and main features of modern art in Europe
  2. Art on Postcard Design: what is its influence on the world?
  3. Raphael’s work: features and significance
  4. What role did the Gala play in Dali’s work and life?
  5. The history of printmaking
  6. Art Fairs: history and evolution
  7. How did Greek Theater contribute to art history?
  8. Mesoamerican pyramids vs. analysis of Egyptian

Easy History research paper topics

  1. Irani Culture reflection of the Irani cinema
  2. Does art connect different cultures?
  3. The role of African-American cultural heritage in contemporary American art
  4. Dance: a cross-cultural art form?
  5. Aesthetics in modern functional buildings
  6. Austrian modern sculpture techniques
  7. The depiction of contemporary society in caricatures
  8. How the feminist movement influences modern art

Interesting History research paper topics

  1. What role did the US play in WWI?
  2. The Aztec times and religion
  3. The Titanic’s sinking: impact on the economy
  4. The economic effect of the Bracero Program
  5. The Great Depression: How it began
  6. Impact of the Vietnam War on America
  7. The lasting legacy of the Watergate scandal
  8. The Cold War: who won?

World History research paper topics

  1. Imperialism in a selected country (e.g., India)
  2. The history of Chili
  3. The French revolution vs. American Revolution
  4. The horrors of war: a reflection
  5. Memoir as a source: the advantages and disadvantages
  6. An overview of the world’s history
  7. Enlightenment and revolution in India
  8. What started the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union?


The quality of your topic will determine the quality of the paper you produce from it. With the tips and ideas listed in this article, you are ready to write a distinction-worthy research paper. Feel free to choose from any of these history research paper ideas, but tweak them a little to avoid topic plagiarism.

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