9 Best Tips & Tricks on How to Make a Research Paper Longer

You understand how important that research paper is; that’s why you took your time researching before writing. However, you’ve done all you can and written all the relevant points you want to include in the paper. But it seems the article is still many words short of the specified word count; you’re unsure what to do.

Before you resort to adding watery words and needless fillers, be patient and read this. In this article, you’ll find nine legitimate tricks and tips on how to make your paper longer.

Research paper length: how long should a research paper be?

Before attempting to lengthen your research paper, you should first know how long is a research paper. If you’re writing a college paper, the instructions should carry that information; it could be in terms of pages or words. If they don’t, you can ask your instructor for clarification; that’s to ensure nothing affects your grades. However, the length of any research paper generally depends on the assignment and your academic level.

Academic papers typically run from 4,000 to 6,000 words, although there are those with shorter word counts and those with longer ones. Some research papers are as short as 2,000 words and as long as 10,000 words. If your instructor doesn’t specifically give you the required length, allow your topic to dictate the length of the paper. The more complicated the topic, the more extensive the research and the longer the paper will be.

Why do you need ideas on how to lengthen a paper the right way?

It is not uncommon to fall short of the required word count of your research paper or assignment. Even professionals face the same problem sometimes; only they know how to remedy the situation. There isn’t anything you cannot learn today, and that’s something many students are yet to understand. Before you conjure irrelevant words to make your paper longer, you may want to abort that mission, and here’s why:

  • You may end up filling your paper with needless words that can ruin your efforts.
  • Your aim is to sound as professional as possible in your paper; watery words make it fall short.
  • Your paper will lose its quality, which will no doubt hurt your grades.

There are professional ways to lengthen a research paper without making it lose meaning and sound amateurish.

What are 9 tips and tricks to make research paper longer?

We’re at that point if you’re ready to learn how to make research papers longer. While increasing the font size, paper size, or margin, there are better and more legitimate ways. Below are our tips and tricks on how you can make your essay longer to reach the required word count:

  1. Go back to your main points and add more supporting pieces of evidence simply. If you only used one source and are out of supporting evidence, you can do a little extra research.
  2. Check the major points you outlined during your research; then go through your paper to ensure you included everything.
  3. Adding transitional phrases in-between sentences is a natural way to increase the length of a paper. Transitional phrases don’t only lengthen your paper; they help your readers follow your thoughts more easily.
  4. Add quotations from other writers; this spices up your essay while showing that other writers support your ideas.
  5. Go through your outline again to see if there are points you overlooked or didn’t develop enough. You may find points you want to clarify more or large paragraphs you can break down to introduce new ideas.
  6. Expand your points in the introduction and conclusion; it’ll help your readers understand your arguments better.
  7. Let someone read your essay for confusing points, then revise those points to make them clearer.
  8. Spell out the numbers and contractions rather than writing them as figures; for example, change “8” to “eight” and “won’t” to “will not.”
  9. Add examples to your points; if you already added examples, add more – it’ll impress your professor.


First, every student has been where you are – yes, even professional research paper writers. Unfortunately, many students don’t learn how to make a paper longer correctly, which waters down their marks. Learning how to lengthen a paper the right way will save you from the risk of angering your professor.

Students often try to play on the intelligence of their teachers by increasing paper size, margin, or font size. Those tricks may work, but you’ll only make your lecturer think you’re unserious.

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